Cubs Reliever Travis Wood Laughs in the Face of Danger

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Cubs Reliever Travis Wood Laughs in the Face of Danger

Baseball Is Fun

The Chicago Cubs bullpen has a pretty metal (like #metal) tradition of standing as still as statues when foul balls come their way. No matter how close a ball gets to hitting one of them, the rule goes, no one is allowed to flinch, duck, scream, or – basically – move in any way.

Although, to be certain, it feels more like a hockey tradition:

Happy Gilmoore

At the most recent Cubs convention, the ring leader of this particular tradition was revealed to be none other than Travis Wood – possibly one of the toughest, most athletic pitchers in baseball right now. So when a liner started barreling towards him (and the bullpen) yesterday, you knew he would stand by his own rule (less his ruggedness be challenged):

It may be difficult to tell at first, because he seriously doesn’t move an inch, but Travis Wood was actually struck by that ball. Indeed it comes bouncing into the bullpen, hits off his inner leg and gets redirected out to left field.

Here it is slower as a .gif:

I seriously have no clue how he was able to remain so calm given the speed and, more importantly, direction of that baseball. That’s guts, that’s badass, that’s … probably not super smart. But hey, Wood’s not trying to be smart; he’s trying to be tough. And to that end, he’s succeeding immensely.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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