D-Backs Prospect Somersaults over the Foul Line Fence

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D-Backs Prospect Somersaults over the Foul Line Fence

Baseball Is Fun

When Seth Spivey of the Spokane Indians hit a line drive down the left field line on Sunday afternoon, just about everyone in the stadium expected the ball to go foul and out of play …. Everyone, I suspect, besides Luis Veras.

Veras, the 22-year-old left fielder for the Hillsboro Hops, continued to charge the ball down, running full speed into the wall down the left field line. Leaping just before reaching the barrier, Veras makes the catch, but not before tumbling (head under heels) over the wall and out of play.

Check it out:

But hey, when the game’s on the line you have to do what you … oh, it was the first inning? And no one was on base? And the score was tied 0-0? Well hey, he still get’s an A+ for effort. And who knows … maybe he was auditioning for the 2020 Olympic Gymnastic team:


… And it’s 10s across the board.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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