I Hope He Takes It - Tim Tebow Offered a Baseball Contract in Venezuela

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I Hope He Takes It – Tim Tebow Offered a Baseball Contract in Venezuela

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As we speak, Tim Tebow is putting on a showcase for multiple Major League Baseball teams in Los Angeles, California, with hopes of securing employment from any team that’s interested (we’ll be sure to check in on the results of the showcase as soon as they’re available). But if he fails to secure a deal from one of the big boys, he already has a back-up plan … and a pretty good one at that:

Indeed, according to Jeff Passan (Yahoo Sports), the Aguilas del Zulia of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League have sent a contract to Tebow’s agent, in hopes of securing his talents for the upcoming winter season. If that doesn’t sound too exciting, let me remind you that the VPBL is no joke.

Year after year, top prospects from the minors and many regulars from the Majors make their way down to Venezuela in the winter/offseason to get in some extra, live-action playing time against very good competition. In the past, the Aguilas alone have rostered guys like Terry Francona, Joe Girardi, Greg Maddux, Carlos Quintana, Jimmy Rollins, Ryne Sandberg and many more. In recent years, players like Joc Pederson and Rougned Odor have even made their way to Venezuela to participate. So yes, this is actually a pretty interesting opportunity.

In fact, Passan thinks it would be a great way to test what he’s really got:

For his part, Aguilas GM Luis Amaro would love to see him accept the deal. “He’s a great talent,” Amaro told Yahoo Sports. “He’s an athlete. He’s won the Heisman. He’s won two national championships. I know baseball is a hard game, but he’ll either adjust and show he’s ready to play pro ball or not … I hope he takes it.”

I think, at this point, we all want to see what he’s really got.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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