VIDEO: Dansby Swanson's First Home Run is an Inside-the-Parker

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VIDEO: Dansby Swanson’s First Home Run is an Inside-the-Parker

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Dansby Swanson was born in 1994.

I just wanted you to know that up-front, because he has just hit his first career MLB home run, and it was of the inside-the-park variety:

Drafted first overall in the 2015 MLB draft, Swanson made his way to the Atlanta Braves in just over a year. But according to Statcast, it took him less than 15 seconds to make it around all four bases.

Sprinting at over 20 MPH, Swanson rounded first, second, and third, before scoring without a play at the plate. Which, I have to ask … there probably should have been a play at the plate, right? From my perspective, every single one of the Nationals involved in that play seemed so nonchalant, almost lazy.

I can’t tell whether they thought they had no chance on him at home or that he wasn’t going to try to get home at all, but it sure doesn’t look like maximum effort. Very strange. But let’s not take anything away from Lieutenant Dan (that’s two Forest Gump references in one day), as he did most of the work:

Swanson now joins Paul Runge as the only other Brave to have an inside-the-parker as his first home run … and, hey, he even looked good doing it:

He looked so good, in fact, that he may even be the new “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.” Whaddaya think?

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Author: Michael Cerami

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