Rangers CF David Hulse Sure Knew How To Clear a Dugout ...

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Rangers CF David Hulse Sure Knew How To Clear a Dugout …

Baseball Is Fun

Back in October 1992, Rangers’ Center Fielder David Hulse peeled off four consecutive foul balls into the Angels dugout along the third base line. And because men used to be men-lier back then (Poor Travis Wood was born into the wrong era) and there were no fences guarding the players, nothing was stoping the ball from taking off someone’s head. You know, classic ruggedness.

But unlike Travis Wood, the Angels players weren’t all that interested in showing off, so one by one, they (plus a trainer and a policeman) vacate the entire right side of the dugout, as Hulse finishes his at-bat:

After the first one, just one trainer moves; after the second, the players get a glove, after the third, everyone gets the hell out of dodge, and after the fourth, well, there’s nothing to do but laugh … and maybe pray.

h/t Blee10 on Reddit.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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