I'm Pretty Sure Jeff Bagwell Officially Owns the Upper Deck at the Pirates' Old Stadium

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I’m Pretty Sure Jeff Bagwell Officially Owns the Upper Deck at the Pirates’ Old Stadium

Homers, Interesting

In reality, you can’t predict baseball.

However, some lucky foreshadowing is totally be a thing that happens. Just take, for example, the camera work and broadcast in the moments before newly-elected Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell faces Danny Darwin’s pitch:

It’s as if Bagwell heard the broadcasters and said to himself, “Prepare for take-off.”

Even the broadcast duo is amazed by the foreshadowing that just happened. And why wouldn’t they be? Bagwell smashed that pitch and put it into orbit, before it landed among the empty seats at Three Rivers Stadium.

Then again, this wasn’t Bagwell’s first upper-deck rodeo in Pittsburgh:

Bagwell hit 449 home runs in his career with that quick and compact – yet, powerful – swing. And 11 of those came against the Pirates at Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium.

And as far as I’m concerned, upper deck homers are the best, because those are the kinds of blasts that are a result of all the best things coming together.

Getting the perfect pitch to drive is just the start – so hat tip to Danny Darwin and Bob Kipper for their help in making these drives happen – but to also watch Bagwell put the type of swing on a ball that results in that type of height and depth – just, whoa!

Unfortunately, Three Rivers Stadium was imploded in 2001 … surely much to Bagwell’s chagrin.


Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @lcm1986.