You Must Watch This Minor League Manager Completely Lose His Mind

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You Must Watch This Minor League Manager Completely Lose His Mind

Funny and Happy, Wild and Crazy

In football, linemen are gonna talk trash; in hockey, players are gonna fight; and in baseball, managers are going to argue and get ejected.

It’s part of the sport, and for the most part, no one gets hurt.

In fact, arguing with the umpire can be as much of a strategy (supporting or protecting your players, lighting a fire in the dugout, etc.) as anything else. The following display of disagreement, however, is unparalleled.

Watch Phillip Wellman of the Braves Minor League System throw an elementary style tantrum on the field.

I think he may have briefly lost his mind (either just before, or just after ripping open a rosin bag with his teeth):

As you can see, it starts out innocently enough, as Wellman checks all of the traditional boxes: yelling, screaming, waving hands, pointing fingers and, of course, kicking dirt on the plate.

But then, something strange begins to unfold.

Wellman decides he wants to really make sure he covers the plate. So, he gets down on to one knee, and begins arranging the dirt with more fervor and dedication than a seven year old in a sand castle building competition against his older brother. I mean, he really covers that thing, going as far as calmly patting it down to form an even and uniform top level.

And then he’s done … oh wait, he’s heading towards the 3rd base umpire now.

After giving that man, what I can only assume, was a carefully considered, thorough lesson on the delicate juxtaposition of baseball and the rules, Wellman heads to the base and gives it a swift kick. After realizing the base is firmly attached to the ground, he picks it up and chucks it into the outfield.

And finally, he makes his way back to the dugo … wait … what is … he can’t be …

Yep, he gets on the ground and starts to army crawl – you know, like a crazy person – towards the mound. This just went from, “Wow, what a blow up” to, “Uhm, yeah we should probably call someone.” Pretending to be in some sort of fox hole, Wellman grabs the rosin bag, bites off the pin, and chucks it, grenade style, towards the home plate umpire.

Having confidently made the point he was trying to make. Wellman finally picks up second base (and third) and walks calmly into the outfield, savoring his unilateral victory all the while.

Good work, Phil, good work.


Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.

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