2002 Cy Young Winner Barry Zito Hits the Billboard Charts with New 'No Secrets' EP

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2002 Cy Young Winner Barry Zito Hits the Billboard Charts with New ‘No Secrets’ EP

Baseball Is Fun

Barry Zito’s last season in the Major Leagues came with the Oakland Athletics back in 2015.

They were the team that originally drafted Zito in the first round of the 1999 draft and were one of just two teams Zito has ever played for (the San Francisco Giants infamously signed him to a very large, seven-year, $126 million deal in 2007).

But since he’s retired from baseball, Zito has made quite the career for himself … as a musician. In fact, Zito’s latest (and first) EP, ‘No Secrets,’ has even made some waves on the Billboard Charts:

How about that?

And this isn’t just some sort of gimmick or retirement hobby. Zito is really doing this and, frankly, he isn’t half bad:

Although, perhaps that’s not much of a surprise.

With some research, you’ll quickly learn that Zito comes from a family of musicians.

His father, Joe Zito, apparently composed and arranged music for Nat King Cole in the early 60s and the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra, while his mother, Roberta Zito, was a musican who sang in a choral group (The Merry Young Souls) and with nat King Cole’s band.

So now Zito, who’s married to the former Miss Missouri, is an official musician himself, and is doing a pretty good job so far. Indeed, as we referenced, ‘No Secrets’ sold 1,000 copies in its first week, placing itself at:

  • No. 15 in the Americana/Folk category,
  • No. 18 in Heatseekers albums, and
  • No. 39 among Country album sales

Not a bad start, eh?

And don’t forget, Zito had quite the Major League career. He was a three time All-Star (2002, 2003, 2006), an AL Cy Young award winner (2002), and twice received down the ballot MVP votes.

Success seems to follow this guy.

So check out his newest EP ‘No Secrets’ and give him some love.

Here’s one more, slightly more official, video of Zito showing off his chops. I say he’s pretty good:

And he’s not even the first Major Leaguer to make the billboard charts. According to the Score, pitcher Bronson Arroyo and former Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams both made it previously.

He is the first Cy Young award winner though. That counts for something.

Author: Michael Cerami

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