Greg Maddux Has More Gold Gloves Than Any Player in MLB History - Let's Watch Him Work

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Greg Maddux Has More Gold Gloves Than Any Player in MLB History – Let’s Watch Him Work

Baseball Is Fun

Hall of Famer pitcher Greg Maddux spent a brilliant 23 years confounding batters in the Major Leagues.

And during that time, he made eight All-Star teams, won an amazing four Cy Young Awards, led the league in wins three times, and ERA four times.

Although with movement like this, anything less would be sub-par:

But he could do a lot more than pitch like one of the best in Major League history.

  • He was also a proprietor of fun:

  • He taught us that “Chicks dig the long ball!
  • Oh, and he won an utterly ridiculous eighteen (18!) Gold Glove Awards. That’s this many exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s also the most by any one player in the history of baseball.

And back on September 21, 1992 (when he only had two Gold Gloves to his name) Greg Maddux made the sort of extremely crazy (and difficult to even explain) play that underscored his defensive capabilities.

Check it out:

Simply getting to the ball is impressive enough, but the fact that he got himself in a position (whatever position that is) to make a strong throw to first base in time to get the runner is down right legendary.

I suppose that makes sense, though, considering the fact that Maddux is not only a Hall of Famer, his number is retired by two different organizations (Cubs and Braves). He’s a living legend and pitching was only part of that.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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