Manny Ramirez's New Contract May As Well Have a "Manny May Be Manny" Clause

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Manny Ramirez’s New Contract May As Well Have a “Manny May Be Manny” Clause

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The 44-year-old Manny Ramirez may not have the pull to lock down a Major League contract in the States, but that doesn’t he doesn’t have pull.

You already know that Manny signed a deal to play ball with the Kochi Fighting Dogs out of Japan:

But what you may not have known is that Manny has the ability to demand absolutely (adorably) ridiculous clauses in his contract … like unlimited sushi … for the entire season … for real.

When in Tokyo!

Indeed, that’s far from the only “obviously Manny” clause in his deal. At USA Today, Andrew Joseph collected some of the most notable bits, including:

  1. Ramirez will have use of a Mercedes and driver,
  2. Practices are optional (LOL),
  3. When the team stays at hotels, he gets a suite, and
  4. He will receive unlimited sushi for the entire season.

In addition, the back of his jersey will read “Manny” and he’ll be wearing #99.

But let’s not skip over this like it’s no big thing. Manny’s practices are optional and he gets unlimited sushi?! I don’t even understand the logistics of unlimited sushi.

It’s not as though the Fighting Dogs are a restaurant. Does someone need to order for him? Will he just expense the sushi he buys personally? Or can he just go into any sushi restaurant with a special “I’m Manny Ramirez card,” and they’ll know what to do? It’s probably the latter.

All I know right now, however, is that I’ve never been happier knowing that the following exchange is extremely likely to occur at least once over the next year:

Manny’s Manager: “Hey, Manny. Are you planning on coming to practice today?

Manny Ramirez: “No, but I will take a rainbow roll, a dragon roll, and some unagi.”

Manny’s Manager: “Sigh … we’ll have your Mercedes driver pick it up and drop it off at your suite.”

Manny Ramirez: “Tee-hee-hee … Thanks.”

Yup. Manny is Manny all around the world.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami