Joe Posnanski Ranks the 10 Best Homer Robberies of All-Time

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Joe Posnanski Ranks the 10 Best Homer Robberies of All-Time

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Thanks to Adam Jones’ amazing home run saving catch the other night, people have home run robberies on the mind.

As well, they should.

So Joe Posnanski of took it upon himself to rank the ten best home run thefts in baseball history. To be more specific, he’s limiting it to just Major League Baseball, so there will be no Masato Akamatsu Spiderman catch, no Ken Griffey Jr. Little Big League catch, and no Bugs Bunny from the top of the Umpire State Building catch either.

I know, I was bummed too.

But that still leaves a whole lot to like, so let’s take a look.

  1. Endy Chavez steals Scott Rolen’s home run (2006)
  2. Gary Matthews Jr. robs Mike Lamb (2006)
  3. Jim Edmonds steals home run from Jason LaRue (2004)
  4. Dewayne Wise steals Gabe Kapler’s home run (2009)
  5. Otis Nixon takes one away from Andy Van Slyke (1992)
  6. Glenn Braggs with clutch homer-saver against Carmelo Martinez (1990)
  7. Torii Hunter robs Barry Bonds (2002)
  8. Fred Lynn steals one from Disco Dan Ford (1976)
  9. Adam Jones (2017)
  10. Ken Griffey Jr. (1990)

Honorable Mentions: Mike Trout (Jesus Montero, 2016), Ichiro Suzuki (Garret Anderson, 2005), Jarrod Dyson (Christian Yelich, 2016), Mike Cameron (Derek Jeter, 2000), Jeffery Maier (Tony Tarasco, 1996),

Is he missing some? Sure. Are some better than others? Definitely. But that is one heck of a trip down memory lane, right? Home run robberies are easily one of the coolest parts of baseball. I mean, heck, I just watched fifteen catches and I still want to see more.

My favorite one of the bunch has to be Torii Hunter robbing Barry Bonds during the 2002 All Star Game. This is one of my strongest, earliest baseball memories and it’s stuck with me for years:

Seriously, this image is burned into my brain:

So what would it be for you?

What’s the most memorable home run robbery of your lifetime? And why?

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