The Yankees Reenacted The Sandlot Two Years Ago, And It's Still Fantastic

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The Yankees Reenacted The Sandlot Two Years Ago, And It’s Still Fantastic

Baseball Is Fun

Last Spring Training, I made a promise to watch twenty different baseball movies before the start of the season and rank them from best to worst (I also took note of the total amount of time actually spent playing baseball in each movie, but, frankly, that’s pretty irrelevant and now I’m just rambling about nothing). And I did it.

The results can be found here over at our sister site, Bleacher Nation.

The Sandlot made it’s way onto the list – because, duh – and only just missed out on sneaking into the top five overall.

The year prior to my 20 movies and five articles in 30 days nonsense project, the Yankees had some baseball movie fun of their own. With outfielder Brett Gardner staring as “Smalls,” they reenacted one of the most famous scenes from the movie.

Check it out:

The Sultan of Swat, The King of Crash, The Colossus of Clout …. THE GREAT BAMBINO!

Alongside Gardner, you’ll find Chase Headley, Brian McCann, CC Sabathia, Dellin Betances, Jacoby Ellsbury and Didi Gregorius filling out the roster. They really killed it didn’t they? Definitely.

But that doesn’t mean it only took one take:

And if you really want to be impressed, here are the two scenes side-by-side … it’s actually ridiculously close, even if there’s obviously some light editing in there:

If this doesn’t get you ready for Opening Day – which, incidentally, is just three freakin’ days away! – I don’t know what will!

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami