How Would You Rank MLB's Best Uniforms?

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How Would You Rank MLB’s Best Uniforms?

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No sport embraces its past better than baseball – and no one does it while looking better, either.

Over at CBS Sports, Igor Mello ranked the 30 best uniforms in Major League Baseball, and while the classics will always occupy the top, fashion-forward thinkers will see that throwback-inspired gear is truly the way to go.

Here is Mello’s top-10:

  1. Dodgers home
  2. Yankees home
  3. Cardinals cream home alternate
  4. Cubs home
  5. Red Sox home
  6. Blue Jays blue alternate
  7. Giants cream home
  8. Pirates yellow throwback
  9. Athletics yellow throwback
  10. Mariners cream home

Each of the top-10 uniforms are either long-standing classics (Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox), throwbacks (Pirates, Athletics) or throwback-inspired (Cardinals, Blue Jays, Giants, Mariners). In fact, each of the Mello’s 13 best uniforms have throwback vibes going on if you include the Brewers, White Sox and Mets to the group.

When it comes to uniforms, the past is the new future.

All things considered, the Pirates’ throwbacks are rated too low and should instead crack the top-five. The yellow pullovers with the pillbox hats jump out and say “Yes, I’m fashionable, but I’m also here to sock dingers like Willie Stargell and Dave Parker.”

And because there is always one trip through a uniform’s time machine that ruins it for the rest, the San Diego Padres’ brown uniforms that take you back to the 1980s should be discarded and banned from future use.

Ranking 30th on the list, perhaps unsurprisingly? Those poorly-received Diamondbacks uniforms

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.