Mariners' New Food Choices Hop Right Off The Menu ... Because it’s Grasshoppers. Really.

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Mariners’ New Food Choices Hop Right Off The Menu … Because it’s Grasshoppers. Really.

Baseball Is Fun

It’s that time of year again, baseball fans. Time to grab your cap, head to the ball park, find your seat, and order some toasted grasshoppers.

Really …

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, the Settle Mariners have added a stand run by a local Mexican restaurant, Poquitos, that will serve “toasted grasshoppers tossed in chili lime salt.”

Toasted. Grasshoppers. Actually.

Hey, at least they’re affordable: a cup filled with grasshoppers goes for just $4 at Safeco!

Here’s more via Rovell’s article:

“They are a one-of-a-kind snack that the fans will really love — either on a taco or on their own,” said Steve Dominguez, Centerplate general manager at Safeco Field. “It’s a testament to our relationship with the Mariners to be bold and creative with bringing in new local partners that really embody the Seattle culinary scene.”

I’m a pretty bold eater, insofar as I’d try anything (really!), but I think the idea of grasshoppers at a ballgame is what has me squirming. And apparently they catch them right there in the outfield

(Okay, I’m kidding. But admit it, for a second you were like NOOOO).

But really, kudos to the Mariners for doing something different and supporting a local business. That’s pretty cool. But if no one minds, I think I’ll JUST stick with a hot dog that’s too cold and a cold beer that’s too hot.

That’s #mybaseballexperience.

h/t Darren Rovell, ESPN

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Author: Michael Cerami

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