Hey, Aaron Judge ... Whatcha Doing in the Stands?

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Hey, Aaron Judge … Whatcha Doing in the Stands?

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Aaron Judge is the New York Yankees 25 year-old rookie outfielder. And he’s gotten off to one hell of start here in 2017.

Through his first 18 games, he’s slashing .281/.352/.672, which, according to his wRC+ (180) is about 80% better than the average Major Leaguer. But he’s not just a stick. He can play defense too … really, really well.

That was on display last night when he wound up tracking (and catching!) a ball well into the stands:

Check it out again, as a GIF:


Judge, a right fielder, has been pretty phenomenal on defense all season long. His 4 defensive runs saved already is tied for second best in all of baseball. And his 1.0 WAR to date is tied for 17th best with Kris Bryant, Corey Seager, and Nolen Arenado (among a couple others).

But just because your good at defense, doesn’t mean your teammates stop worrying about you (and making fun of you … all at once):

And to really pile on the praise, that wasn’t even Judge’s only highlight of the night. In addition to the catch, Judge also hit his seventh home run of the season, to give the Yankees the lead in second:

According to Statcast, that ball left the bat at 110 MPH and traveled 385 feet over the wall in right center field. It also brought Judge into some pretty nifty company:

And given the power-hungry start to his career, fans are having a whole lot of fun on Twitter:

Because this is one big dude:

And he’s definitely having some fun.


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Author: Michael Cerami

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