This Remains One of the Worst Calls Ever, But Also Remains Fun

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This Remains One of the Worst Calls Ever, But Also Remains Fun

Baseball Is Fun

I know not every baseball fan is also a fan of “replay,” but I certainly am. Too often over the years (especially as cameras, tracking software, and TV replays improved exponentially), grossly miscalled plays became increasingly more apparent and bothersome. After all, if we can plainly see the truth in a replay, why not get it right?

So long as it’s timely, no one should have any beef with correcting calls, because sometimes the call is SO WRONG it’s painful:

Remember when life was this way? Yep. That wasn’t the right call, but deal with it, Dodger fans.

That’s Jerry Hairston being incorrectly called out at first, despite the fact that Todd Helton was a full foot (or two) off the bag when he made the catch.


Mattingly was expectedly upset, but does accurately depict the distance Helton was off the bag:

And the best part is Helton was so bad at playing it off.

Look at the hilarious scurry of a man who knows he just got away with something:

Yeah … I’ll take replay review every day of the week and twice on Sunday (you know, in case there’s a double-header).

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Author: Brett Taylor

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