Somehow, These Yankees Fans Don’t Realize Aaron Judge is Interviewing Them About Aaron Judge

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Somehow, These Yankees Fans Don’t Realize Aaron Judge is Interviewing Them About Aaron Judge

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The beginning of the 2017 season belongs to Aaron Judge.

While the continued dominance of Bryce Harper and the surprisingly smooth transition from Korea of Eric Thames dominated a few cycles, so to speak, Judge’s gigantic frame, league-leading 14 home runs, and usurpation of the exit velocity throne have made him the story of the year.

Naturally, Yankees fans have fallen in love with their team’s shiny new toy, and you could almost say he’s got one of the most recognizable faces in the city … almost.

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon, Judge hit the streets of New York to interview Yankees fans about, well, him!

The joke, however, is that with just a suit and a pair of glasses, these die-harders can’t tell who they’re being interviewed by … until they do:

I’m absolutely dying.

I mean, listen, I’m sure the aura of the lights, cameras, and podium are both alluring and distracting … but Aaron Judge is listed 6’7″ 275 lbs. Almost no one looks like him, because when they do they’re either professional athletes or, I don’t know, superheroes in disguise:

Who, that guy? Nah, that’s just our 6’7″ 275 pound reporter with a six-pack and perfect bone structure, Clark Kent. He’s a pretty quiet dude.

This isn’t the first time a late-night talk show has done this with some of the more newly famous ballplayers – Matt Harvey did a similar act a few years back, though I’m guessing it would go quite differently now – but Judge’s has got to be my favorite.

I mean the look on these fans’ faces as they slowly come to terms with their oversight is unbeatable:

But hey, who knows, if you really weren’t expecting to be interviewed by a member of the New York Yankees, your brain might do some sneaky things to trick you, right?

Who, this guy?

… Nah.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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