This Squirrel Really Got Everyone's Attention at Last Night's Royals/Indians Game

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This Squirrel Really Got Everyone’s Attention at Last Night’s Royals/Indians Game

Baseball Is Fun

It’s Saturday morning, folks, and you know what that means: It’s time for more of your favorite program – say it with me – When Animals Appear on the Baseball Field and Everyone Stops What They’re Doing to Watch Them Like They’ve Never Seen an Animal Before, Because For Some Reason Animals Look Out of Place When They’re Not in the Woods Like That Time You Saw Your Teacher at the Grocery Store and Had to Come to Terms with the Fact That She Has a Life Outside of School and is Just a Regular Functioning Adult!

It’s a working title.

In case you missed the last two episodes, a chicken delayed a baseball game in Hawaii and a Bird was interviewed by the Reds broadcaster, because this is the world we live in now.

But this week, we’re kicking it old school with a good ole fashioned squirrel interrupting the Indians/Royals game and directing everyone’s attention away from the on-going at-bat:

As the announcers point out, the squirrel really seemed to grab the attention of the fans, who were taking pictures and standing up to catch a glimpse of the action:

Even Jorge Bonifacio, the Royals’ right fielder, had to sneak a couple peeks:

IT’S RIVETING! I know, you can’t look away!

Well, folks, thanks for joining us for this week’s episode. We’ll see you next time, when the Marlins are interrupted by a *record scratch* Shark?!

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Author: Michael Cerami

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