The UNC Baseball Team's Therapy Dog, "Home-Run-Remington," Has An Instagram Page

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The UNC Baseball Team’s Therapy Dog, “Home-Run-Remington,” Has An Instagram Page

Baseball Is Fun

The North Carolina Diamond Heels won 47 out of 59 games this season, which earned them the second overall seed in the NCAA tournament. But while being well on their way to the College World Series is commendable … it’s just the second coolest thing about their team this season.

The first is their team dog, Remington … who happens to have his own Instagram page:

According to Deadspin, “Remington is a 2-year-old golden retriever whose official title with the team is psychiatric medical alert facility rehabilitation service dog, which means that he does little jobs like haul baseballs from one place to another and just sort of hangs around and does dog stuff.”

He also travels with the team:

Is incredible patient:

And is an all-around fancy man:

Of course, his primary focus is to provide relief and distraction for players rehabbing injuries. And that’s something he does really well:

Now if that’s not a good boy I don’t know what is.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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