Braves Fan Falls Flat on his Face as He Races Braves' Grounds Crew Member, 'The Freeze'

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Braves Fan Falls Flat on his Face as He Races Braves’ Grounds Crew Member, ‘The Freeze’

Baseball Is Fun

As a general matter, I’m not a huge fan of the between-inning affairs at ball games.

I’m not an evil baseball purest or anything, but having spent 99% of my baseball life at Wrigley Field, I’m just not super accustom to the t-shirt cannons, sausage races, and other non I’m-going-to-get-a-beer-what-do-you-want-? events between innings.

But that doesn’t mean they’re all bad.

For example, check out this Braves grounds crew member, Nigel Talton, who dresses up as an icy superhero, known “The Freeze,” and races fans along the outfield wall. Even after a VERY generous head start, The Freeze can burn any runner:

The best part is that the fan thinks he’s won it, as you can tell by his efforts to pump up the crowd, juuuuuust before he eats dirt. And I can only imagine what The Freeze whispered to him as he raced past his shoulder:

“OH … that’s cold.”

“Now that’s what I call freezer burn!”

Wait, wait, wait … why am I trying to do this myself, when Arnold Schwarzenegger can help me out:

I’ve really lost control of this post.

The Freeze is fast. The fan was silly. Baseball is Fun. That’s it.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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