Kyle Freeland's Family Reacts to Losing a No-Hitter with One Out in the 9th

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Kyle Freeland’s Family Reacts to Losing a No-Hitter with One Out in the 9th

Baseball Is Fun

Last night, Rockies’ starter Kyle Freeland Tossed 8.1 innings of no-hit baseball against the Chicago White Sox at Coors Field. He walked three batters, but struck out nine and was convincingly dominating throughout the entire contest.

Here’s a really quick look at his entire evening:

But before we get to that ninth-inning, one-out base hit from Melky Cabrera, and the hilarious responses that followed, I want to show you this one-out near-no-hitter-ruining line drive off the bat of Yolmer Sanchez.

It seems like there is one fantastic and memorable catch in every no-hitter, and this would’ve almost certainly been it:

Absolutely great play.

But we’ve put off the bad news long enough. As you know by now, Freeland’s no-hit bid was broken up with one out in the ninth inning, thanks to a one-out, two-strike, line-drive single from Melky Cabrera. You can watch the hit here.

It may have been disappointing, but as an outside observer, I’m less frustrated by the fact that it was a legit, hard-hit single and not a cheap roller or something similar.

But try telling that to Freeland’s family, who was in attendance and not thrilled by Cabrera’s efforts:

Those are some bad words from a good family (and how about that quietly pleased Brewers fan right in front of them? Hilarious).

At least the family wasn’t alone. The Rockies’ Twitter account had some fun venting their frustration too:

But Freeland, himself, he kept it classy:

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do but tip your cap, and get back on the horse … but hey, there’s nothing wrong with letting out a few “NOOO … Sh!ts” first.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami