Adrian Beltre's Family and Teammates Stormed the Field As Soon As He Hit #3,000

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Adrian Beltre’s Family and Teammates Stormed the Field As Soon As He Hit #3,000

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Adrian Beltre has done it.

He’s notched career hit #3,000, becoming just the 31st player in history to accomplish the feat. He’s now tied with Roberto Clemente with the 30th most hits in MLB of all time. And, in all likelihood, he’ll finish the season somewhere around Ichiro Suzuki and Craig Biggio on the list (#22 and #23 of all time with exactly 3,060 hits). That’s some nice company.

And hey, number 3,000 wasn’t a dinky, BABIP-fueled blooper either. No, it was a double down the left field field that eventually helped the Rangers cut their 4-0 deficit in half. But that’s almost besides the point.

The real magic is when his teammates and family leapt onto the field to celebrate with Beltre, as the Rangers faithful delivered a standing ovation in the wake of history:

Although the single was secured as soon as the ball left the infield, I have to say, I had a bit of worry as Beltre rounded first base.

After all, it’s not like it’s been long since someone’s been thrown out reaching for a double on their 3,000th hit:

But all’s well that ends well and Adrian Beltre joined some seriously historic company with that beautiful extra-base hit.

And who knows, maybe they’ll let him move the on-deck circle from now on.

Oh, and one more P.S. from just after the game (this is why we love you, Adrian):

Author: Michael Cerami

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