Gulp: Window Company Has to Rebate Nearly $2 Million After Betting Indians Wouldn't Win 15 Straight

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Gulp: Window Company Has to Rebate Nearly $2 Million After Betting Indians Wouldn’t Win 15 Straight

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In the top of the first inning yesterday, Edwin Encarnacion launched his 33rd home run of the season, scoring Austin Jackson and Yandy Diaz in the process. That homer would put the Cleveland Indians up four runs early on, which is all they ultimately needed to beat the White Sox, who scored just two.

It also cemented the Indians 15th consecutive win, the longest streak in the Majors, a franchise record, and the first 15-game winning streak since 2002!

Big homer, I know.

But while most Cleveland fans were celebrating the homer and the ensuing victory, one window company may have been forcing their smile juuust a bit.

Universal Windows Direct, a local company in Cleveland, ran a promotion throughout July wherein any customer who did business with the company would receive a FULL REBATE if the Indians went on a 15-game winning streak anytime between August and the end of the season. Apparently, the idea spawned from the fact that the company was celebrating their 15th anniversary.

Well, as you saw up at the top of this post, the Indians won their 15th consecutive game last night, which means it was time for Universal Windows Direct to pay up … and pay up they will: a massive $1.7 Million in rebates.

Fortunately, they took out an insurance policy on the gamble, and are only personally liable for $75,000 to cover the $1.7 million (#insurance), but still WOOF.

This 15-gamer began on August 24th, and included one win over the Red Sox, three each against the Yankees and Rays, and four each against the Tigers and White Sox up to last night.

And considering that the Indians headed back home for their next ten games, well, let’s just say Universal Windows Direct is happy their bet ended here. You can read more about this story at

h/t: Darren Rovell, ESPN Senior Writer,

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