Roberto Clemente's Arm - At Age 37! - In the 1971 World Series Is Still Unbelievable (VIDEO)

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Roberto Clemente’s Arm – At Age 37! – In the 1971 World Series Is Still Unbelievable (VIDEO)

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Roberto Clemente is one of baseball’s finest. Period.

I won’t qualify that with hitter, fielder, or anything of the sort, because in every aspect of his life and game – especially his charity work – Clemente was one of the very best MLB has ever had to offer.

… And how about that arm?

Check out his throw from right field during Game 6 of the 1971 World Series between the Pirates and Orioles. Clemente, 37 at the time, unleashes an absolute ROPE from right field, which keeps the runner from scoring and forces extra innings in a pivotal Game 6:

Any other right fielder and that game is over, but with Clemente’s rocket out there, the runner stops short by a base and the game is forced into extra innings (Clemente hardly one-hopped that one).

The Orioles went on to win that game in 10 innings, but the Pirates took home the trophy in Game 7 and Clemente was the World Series MVP – like I said, one of baseball’s finest.

Here’s a bonus clip from Game 7. Enjoy:

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