Would You Like to See Something like the KBO's "Bunt Contest" During All-Star Week?

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Would You Like to See Something like the KBO’s “Bunt Contest” During All-Star Week?

Baseball Is Fun

In America, we mostly like everything BIG – super-size meals, monster trucks, transformers, etc. – but not everyone feels the same way (in America or around the world!).

For example, where MLB has the Home Run Derby (where only the biggest hits count!), their Korean counterparts have the much more sophisticated bunt-contest.

Take a look, because it’s pretty cool:


Although, on second thought, I have some suggestions.

For one, the pitchers should be throwing harder. I’m not saying it needs to be more difficult … but if you soft toss it like that, I think I could get lucky and bunt it into the zone a hand full of times.

And for another, there should be more fire. Just in general. More fire. Fireworks, explosions, maybe even a smoke machine. And AC/DC. They should get AC/DC to play. And have fighter jets fly overhead. Oh, and one of those helicopters that drops candy from the sky. And if Lady Gaga was available, she could pitch for the final round – just an idea.

But other than that, I think we’ll all really appreciate the sophistication.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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