A Bat for Some Snacks? Blue Jays Trade with Fans Mid-Game

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A Bat for Some Snacks? Blue Jays Trade with Fans Mid-Game

Baseball Is Fun

Last night’s Spring Training finale between the Blue Jays and Cardinals could not have been scripted better, once Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – son of the recently inducted Hall of Fame senior – hit a walk-off homer against St. Louis at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, where his father became famous with the Expos.

But it can get a little goofier.

Half-way through that contest – long before Guerrero Jr.’s heroics – a trio of Blue Jays led by Kevin Pillar traded what appears to be a game-used and/or batting practice bat for some concessions with a fan above the dugout.

Take a look:

And I gotta say, that’s a pretty sweet score.

Although I’ve still never caught one (grumble), plenty of fans have gotten their hands on official MLB baseballs (homers, fouls, last out of an inning, etc.).

Bats, on the other hand, are really difficult to get, especially ones that are still in tact (that is, unless you go to a lot of Cubs games when Addison Russell is starting (he’s got slippery batting gloves … or something)).

Anyway, at least this little Blue Jays fan is appropriately enamored with his new favorite treasure in the entire world:

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Author: Michael Cerami

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