No One Could Tell if Lewis Brinson Robbed Mookie Betts' Extra-Innings Homer (Spoilers: He Did)

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No One Could Tell if Lewis Brinson Robbed Mookie Betts’ Extra-Innings Homer (Spoilers: He Did)

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Oh, Lewis Brinson, you dog, you.

With the game tied 1-1 with no outs in the 11th inning last night, Mookie Betts lifted a 3-2 fastball to deep center field, for what appeared to be the go-ahead (and potentially game-winning) run.

But new Marlins center fielder Lewis Brinson made a last-second attempt at the ball, leaping and throwing his glove over the wall in center.

When he landed, Brinson played it so cool that no one knew if he actually made the game-saving catch or not, including the announcers and Betts, himself!

Take a look:

That’s just … wow.

First of all, what an amazing, game-saving catch that was. But second of all (and more importantly) WHAT A FANTASTIC TROLL-JOB.

After making the catch, Brinson lands with an extremely straight face, stares at his glove a bit, looks up to the sky, and tucks his hat down over his head … Meanwhile, Betts is standing on second base like … should I keep going or take the express route back to the dugout?

Eventually, Brinson tosses the ball back in, does a little dance move, and absolutely wins that exchange (though the Marlins did wind up losing in 13 innings!).

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Author: Michael Cerami

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