The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Will Break One Weird Law Per Inning on "Florida-Man" Promotional Night

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The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Will Break One Weird Law Per Inning on “Florida-Man” Promotional Night

Baseball Is Fun

Aside from the ridiculous (but very real) team names – like the Hartford Yard Goats, New Orleans Baby Cakes, LeHigh Valley IronPigs, or Binghamton Rumble Ponies – the best part about Minor League baseball is the daily promotions.

Minor League teams will do whatever it takes to get fans in the stands – including dropping bouncy balls onto the field from a helicopter – but one team’s latest endeavor really stands out from the rest: The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp – the Marlins’ Double-A affiliates – will be hosting a “Florida Man” night this summer.

Which, LOL:

Those unfamiliar with that particularly concept, “Florida Man” has become something of an internet meme, referencing the usually crazy and always unbelievable crimes committed by a man in Florida. Indeed, there’s an entire subreddit for the meme, filled to the brim with real, but unbelievable headlines/stories like:

“Florida Man Causes 100K in Damage to Walmart Liquor Star Under construction with hotwired forklift; gives police his name as “Alice Wonderland” and says a hookah-smoking caterpillar told him to do it.”


“Florida Man Arrested for Practicing Karate by Kicking Swans”


“Florida Man Flashes Buttocks at IHOP After Impersonating Police Officer to Get Free Food”

… I think you get the idea – and why the concept for a Minor League promotional night is so funny. But in case you missed it in that tweet there, this isn’t just an actionless promotion. Indeed, the Jumbo Shrimp intend on breaking one weird law every inning throughout the entire game.

I doubt they’ll be damaging a Walmart, kicking a Swan, or flashing an IHOP employee, but some of the state’s more ridiculous laws (every state has them) could be up for grabs. We don’t know exactly which laws they’ll be breaking, but here are some of Florida’s more … eh hem … breakable laws:

  • Men are not allowed in public wearing a strapless dress.
  • Selling Oranges on the Sidewalk in Miami
  • Selling ice cream in a cemetery (not sure how this one would work, but I just found it so odd I had to share)
  • Not having at least $10 cash on you in Pensacola at all times
  • Pigs aren’t allowed in Miami
  • When parking your elephant at a meter in Orlando Florida, be sure to deposit the same amount of change as you would for a regular motor vehicle.

You get the idea.

So if you’re in Florida on July 26th, head out to the Jumbo Shrimp’s game and have some fun! But not too much! You don’t want to be the next Florida Man. 

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