There It Is: The First Ever Pro Steal of First Base

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There It Is: The First Ever Pro Steal of First Base

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Major League Baseball is going through a bit of a growth period right now, and many fairly wild changes to the game have been proposed (robot umpires, starting a runner on second base in extra innings, pitch clocks, etc.). But one of the craziest – eh, you know what? the craziest – but legitimate proposals is already being tested out in independent pro leagues: stealing first base. 

That’s right! Right now, in the Atlantic League, a player can actually steal first base if a pitch is “not caught in flight” by the catcher (like a dropped third strike … in any count). But until this weekend, it hadn’t happened.

Indeed, on Saturday, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs outfielder Tony Thomas became the first person to actually steal first base – successfully! – and it’s just so strange to see.

Check it out:


I have absolutely no idea where I’ll land on this idea yet – it’s just so very out there – but I’m willing to keep an open mind for now. I think it would pretty fundamentally change the game and the value of certain players, but, hey … it could be fun.

Let’s check back in, say, a year from now and see how it’s going, eh?

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Author: Michael Cerami

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