Is This the Most Delightfully Ill-Advised Throw You've Ever Seen?

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Is This the Most Delightfully Ill-Advised Throw You’ve Ever Seen?

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I love the phrase “ill-advised” in the sports context. It’s the very diplomatic way of saying, “You just did something you totally didn’t have to do, totally shouldn’t have done, and you completely effed it up in the process.” It make me chuckle nearly every time I see it.

To that end, I saw this play just now from the Phillies-Mets game, and it was like there was a set of flashing lights, illuminating ‘ILL-ADVISED, BRO!’ on my screen as I watched:

I mean, how can you not love that? Well, assuming you aren’t a Phillies fan.

There was just absolutely NO reason for Alec Bohm to attempt that throw. Even if executed perfectly, the runner is safe by several steps. And when not executed perfectly, it’s you, flailing about wildly while falling to ground, and missing your target by a good 10 feet.

Just a delightfully ill-advised throw. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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