Braves Minor Leaguer Unleashes His Inner Bo Jackson

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Braves Minor Leaguer Unleashes His Inner Bo Jackson

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Vladimir Guerrero … Ichiro Suzuki … Bo Jackson … Braves Minor Leaguer Justin Dean — Four names that will go down in MLB history as some of the best to ever play the ga

Okay, okay. I’m kidding.

Justin Dean, who’s currently striking out 33.3% of the time at Triple-A, is not even a big leaguer yet, let alone an all-star/MVP/HOF type like the first three players listed above. But he DOES have one thing in common with each of those former MLB stars: An absolute cannon from right field and no fear of showing it off.

This is one heck of a play, and reminiscent of some of the best throws in baseball history.

In case you forgot what we’re talking about, here’s a look at …

Vladimir Guerrero from 2001:

Ichiro Suzuki from 2001:

Bo Jackson from 1993 … Flat-footed:

Bo Jackson’s throw still melts my mind … that was 100% arm strength.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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