Well, We Found It: The Craziest HR Call You've Ever Heard

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Well, We Found It: The Craziest HR Call You’ve Ever Heard

Baseball Is Fun

Good morning; if you need some extra energy this morning (like I do, after being at the ballpark until after midnight for a colossal ninth-inning meltdown by the White Sox or you stayed up late for the Cubs’ west coast victory in San Diego), this might do the trick:

… Don’t pause it early!


“Read a Dostoevsky Novel in a Scented Candle Kiosk! LET’S GET LIIIIIIIIIIIT!”

That home run call was brought to you by Joey Zanaboni, the play-by-play commentator for the Fredricksburg Nationals, the Washington Nationals’ Class A affiliate. If you’re not familiar with Zanboni, that “lock it, cock it, rock it, restock it!” line is his signature home run call, and he’s got plenty more than that in his back of tricks.

Admittedly, I had no idea who Zanaboni was this morning, but now I feel like I’ve been missing out on some excellent entertainment after finding a Washington Post story profiling the eccentric 30-year-old broadcaster who told the Washington Post that he’s looking to become the first true millennial broadcaster in baseball.

Zanaboni has no shortage of catchphrases in his arsenal of descriptors, and all of them are equal parts funny and witty. Check this one out:

After Fredericksburg catcher Drew Millas stole home last month, an excited Zanaboni shouted that the play had him “dancin’ like a Spice Girls cover band inside an earthquake simulation.” That’s fantastic. Seriously, that’s really fun.

I’m pretty spoiled as a White Sox fan when it comes to the broadcast booth with Jason Benetti and Steve Stone on the TV call and Len Kasper leading the radio call. Still, Zanaboni might just be on to something here as the game of baseball continues to trend in the direction of the appeal of other Millennials and younger fans. Here’s a compilation of Zanaboni on his Twitter account, and if you want to check out the complete profile on Zanaboni from the Washington Post, you can do so here.

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