Anthony Rizzo Gets Tossed From The Dugout For Barely Saying Anything

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Anthony Rizzo Gets Tossed From The Dugout For Barely Saying Anything

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I’ve said it before – recently, in fact – but umpires are humans who are asked to do an almost impossible job, and they are going to make mistakes. I don’t love it, especially when the technology exists to call balls and strikes, but this is the system for now, and thus we have to be a little forgiving of human error.

BUT! It’s also true that if an umpire makes a terrible call or two, he’s gotta have a little more flexibility when it comes to players beefing. If you screw up, OK, but give the players/managers/coaches a little leash to let you hear about it. That ejection trigger finger cannot be so quick.

For example, Anthony Rizzo, who was screwed on a couple low strike calls, barely saying anything during a subsequent Giancarlo Stanton at bat and getting immediately tossed from the dugout:

You can probably guess what Rizzo said to the ump: same pitch. That was all he said, and it got him tossed with a quickness.

After the game, Rizzo explained what happened, and warned that if what he did merits an ejection, then there will be ejections all over the place going forward:

Rizzo also said that he felt like the umpire called a second low strike on him because Rizzo had stepped out after a first low strike call. It was as if, from Rizzo’s perspective, the umpire was just being spiteful, trying to prove that the low strike was his strike zone. So then when it wasn’t called to Stanton, you could understand why Rizzo got upset.

And then to boot him immediately after he said it was the same pitch to Stanton? Way too itchy on the trigger finger.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.