There's Something Creepy Going on at Some MLB Games Tonight ...

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There’s Something Creepy Going on at Some MLB Games Tonight …

Baseball Is Fun

As a true horror movie aficionado (and, of course, an enormous fan of MLB), I couldn’t be happier with what I believe is some of the most creative marketing for a movie I’ve seen in a very long time. At least, I hope that’s what this is. Because …eek.

Tonight, at the Mets game, a fan was sitting behind homeplate, within camera shot, staring directly into the broadcast … smiling. Still. For long periods of time. It is extremely creepy.

It’s also happening at the Dodgers game and elsewhere (see second tweet in each thread).

I mean … that’s bone chilling.

Fortunately, a couple of them are wearing t-shirts that say “Smile,” erasing any doubt that this is, you know, an actual demon possessing someone’s soul (wait, isn’t that all Mets fans?). And I think, once you see the trailer for the new movie, Smile, you’ll understand the point of the publicity stunt (again, I think that’s what this is … and if so, kudos!).

“Stunt” or not, I love this idea and I love that it’s bringing my two favorite worlds (baseball and horror) together.

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