Yu Darvish on Kyle Schwarber's Mammoth Home Run: "Next Time I See Him, I Might Have to Punch Him"

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Yu Darvish on Kyle Schwarber’s Mammoth Home Run: “Next Time I See Him, I Might Have to Punch Him”

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I suppose the win last night was the big news for the Phillies, what with being a game closer to going to the World Series and all.

Feels like the talk, though, was all about that Kyle Schwarber home run. Second deck. 119.7 mph off the bat. 488 feet. Just truly a demolished shot if I’ve ever seen one, so this is a fair use of the word:

There’s no way that ball wasn’t dented. Tactiley, visibly dented.

Anyway, so we know how Bryce Harper felt about the homer based on his expression, but what about everyone else? What about Darvish?

Well, he had a perfect response.

“The Schwarber home run, that’s on me,” Darvish said. “That’s my mistake. I knew he was waiting on something offspeed, and the ball kind of went into the middle there. He got the most out of that at-bat. He’s a friend of mine. Every time we meet, we greet each other and all that. Next time I see him, I might have to punch him.”

Sounds about right. Darvish is kidding, of course, but that might actually make for a good scrape: Schwarber is listed at 6’0″ and 229 lbs, but Darvish is 6’5″ 220 lbs. There might be a serious reach advantage there.

Schwarber, himself, was pretty laid back on the shot, basically just saying a homer is a homer, and it was good to put a run on the board. Said his hands didn’t hurt after when you get one like that, so that’s a plus. Maybe they would hurt after throwing down with Darvish, though.

Some reactions from Schwarber’s teammates, for good measure, at MLB.com:

  • “Oh, man. When he first hit it, I was shocked at how loud it was, and then to see how far it flew, that’s probably the hardest ball I’ve ever seen hit in person,” catcher J.T. Realmuto said. “And then I asked a couple of the guys on their team, and they said they’d never seen a ball in the upper deck like that. So that was pretty incredible.”
  • “It looked like someone on the driving range taking the driver. Seriously,” first baseman Rhys Hoskins said. “The ball got so small, so fast. One of those you don’t need to look at, you kind of just hear it. But man, I’ve been coming here for five years and I don’t think I’ve seen anybody sniff the second deck.”
  • “I’m always down the stairs, kind of out of the noise and all that, just so I can keep my head. But I heard everybody sort of take off,” right-hander Zack Wheeler said. “So I ran up the stairs and I saw it land, and that was pretty crazy. I’ve never even seen that done in batting practice or anything.”

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