College Baseball Player Ejected for the Most Tame Celebration Ever

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Apparently You Can Be Ejected for … Too Little Home Run Celebration?

Baseball Is Fun

My headline is a joke, but after you watch this home run video – which led to an ejection – you may not think it’s THAT much of a joke.

Here’s Washington Huskies infielder Will Simpson hitting a game-tying homer, celebrating it in a manner I would call understated for the moment, and somehow getting himself tossed:

When I first saw that tweet, I thought there was no way it ACTUALLY led to an ejection (which is not shown). Either there was a miscommunication, or Simpson was ejected later for some other infraction.

But nope. He hit the dinger, did what he did in the video, and got the boot for it:

OK, so when the umpire said “excessive” celebration, surely he meant “far too modest” celebration. Because all I see there is a little bat carry, a VERY subdued flip, some high fives, and a motion to his own dugout underlining his team name.

The best I can figure is that maybe an umpire thought he was making a throat slash gesture? Or maybe it was the bat carrying up the line?

Look, I will admit that I’m already predisposed to thinking it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to excessively celebrate a homer. Just about anything you do – short of putting other people in danger – is fine by me. But even if I were slightly more uptight, I’d still be scratching my head on this one. Let the kid have some fun! It was a game-tying shot, and he was celebrating with his teammates!

Author: Brett Taylor

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