Sometimes a Fan Catching a Foul Ball Can Actually Be An Out

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Sometimes a Fan Catching a Foul Ball Can Actually Be An Out

Baseball Is Fun

I love the Savannah Bananas so much. It’s about as fun as baseball can be without being officially official.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Bananas do play baseball games, but they are laden with whacky rules, funky moments, and intentional silliness. It captures the childlike spirit of a game played by people wearing pajamas, you know?

Tonight, we were reminded about one of the most fun rules about Savannah Bananas games: if a fan catches a foul ball, the batter is out.

Like so:

That is just so much fun. Look at that crowd going absolutely NUTS for that catch, too. Man, I wish I was there.

Can you imagine if this were a real rule in Major League Baseball? The gloves people would bring! The diving attempts! Running up to an opposing fan and spiking the ball so he CAN’T catch it for an out!

… OK, yeah, that would probably get ugly. But it’s funny to think about making a catch in the stands to win a playoff game. We all get to be heroes in our own minds.

If you want more fun, check out the top moments from the Savannah Bananas’ 2022 season:

Author: Brett Taylor

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