Chicago Also Has a Football Team

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Chicago Also Has a Football Team

Chicago Bears

Among the frequent questions I receive as a dude who runs a Chicago Cubs blog with a particular style and bent that people seem to like, one of the most prominent is: where can I find a Chicago Bears blog like what you do on BN? There are some good Bears blogs out there, though I could never quite come up with a precise facsimile of what I did with the Cubs at BN. Eventually, I started wishing I could just answer the question with: why, my good friend, you can find the BN-kind of Bears coverage right here at BN!

I believe I can now say precisely that. And this is the space to which I’ll be pointing you.

As you’ve discerned, and as my initial help wanted posting about adding a Bears component to the site suggested, BN is today entering the football space. After a long application, evaluation, and interview process, I’m pleased to introduce you to Jay Rigdon, who’ll be covering the Bears for you on this page.

The Bears page and coverage is Jay’s to make his own, but you should recognize a familiar style. In time, I’d like to think that BN will become your Bears home, just as it has become (I hope) the primary vehicle by which you experience your Cubs fandom (outside of the games, obviously).

Enough throat-clearing. I’ll let Jay take it away, and I’ll let his work speak for itself. I hope the Bears fans among you enjoy.

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Author: Luis Medina

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