49ers Not Expected to Pursue Mike Glennon

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49ers Not Expected to Pursue Mike Glennon

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The Chicago Bears may be the most aggressive suitor for free agent quarterback Mike Glennon, but they probably won’t be the only one.


It’s just that, with every new report that the Bears are no-seriously-totally-into-Glennon, there’s a new report that some other quarterback-needy team is not.

In tandem with today’s latest Bears-Glennon piece, we also discussed a report out of New York that had the Jets lukewarm on Glennon overall thanks primarily to the rumored $14+ million annual price tag.

And now it looks like the 49ers are even less interested than the Jets. Matt Maiocco reports, per a league source, that the 49ers “have no interest” in adding Glennon as their new quarterback, despite any previous reports to the contrary. After Colin Kaepernick opted out of his deal, the 49ers have no quarterbacks under contract, but plenty of rumored targets, including several draft picks, as well as Washington starter Kirk Cousins and Denver’s 2016 mostly-starter Trevor Siemian.

If Glennon’s top choice is to come to Bears, as reported, and if there aren’t a huge number of additional suitors, perhaps the price tag won’t be quite as weighty (at least not the guaranteed portion) when all is said and done.

To be sure, as a backup, a number of teams would be interested in Glennon, including his own Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who reportedly offered to make him the highest-paid backup in the game. But, as a starter? Glennon may not have a huge number of options.


Luis Medina

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