Report: Bears and Glennon Expected to Agree to Deal, But That Would Not Alter Draft Plans

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Report: Bears and Glennon Expected to Agree to Deal, But That Would Not Alter Draft Plans

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The Chicago Bears-Mike Glennon ferris wheel continues to spin at an almost uncomfortably rapid pace. (Because ferris wheels are supposed to be slow, you know? I’m losing this metaphor.)

With a full day of rumors that continued to marry the two up yesterday, you can expect that today will be more of the same.’s Ian Rapoport was on NFL Network to illuminate the situation some more, and offered two interesting bits (h/t Bears Wire):

Primarily, you see the reiteration of the connection between the Bears and Glennon, but Rapoport goes so far as to say that (1) a deal is expected, and (2) it will be in that previously-rumored $14 to $15 million annual range. That would seem to run counter to last night’s indication that the Bears are the only team in on Glennon as a starter (he reported received an $8 million offer to stay the backup in Tampa Bay – does it really take another $6 to $7 million annually to pry him away into a starting job?).

We’ll see if that number holds when all is said and done, and, much more importantly, just how much of Glennon’s deal is guaranteed.

That part becomes all the more important because of the second thing Rapoport said: “[Glennon] would also not stop the Bears from drafting a quarterback high. He would be the ultimate bridge starter for the Chicago Bears. Someone to essentially keep them afloat and maybe keep the seat warm for whoever they draft in the first or second round this coming year.”

We’ve said from thing one that Glennon, 27, totally does make sense for the Bears right now as a bridge quarterback … it’s just that he would seem to make less sense than a guy the Bears already had available in Brian Hoyer. Not only might Hoyer, 31, be more comfortable in a “bridge” role, but he’s already familiar with the Bears’ system and coaching staff, and already had success with the team before his injury last year. Moreover, he’s expected to cost significantly less than Glennon, which would give the Bears more room to add offensive talent around the next quarterback.

So, then, the new report really leaves us in the same place we’ve been all along: there are scenarios were Glennon makes sense for the Bears, and I’m pleased to hear that his addition would not necessarily preclude them from still aggressively targeting a franchise quarterback in the draft (to the extent they believe they can find that guy this year).

I am confused, however, about why Glennon, specifically, is the target to be a bridge quarterback … unless the Bears are simultaneously crossing their fingers that maybe he can be more than that. That pretty much has to be the case at this point. I guess you take your shots, but hopefully adding Glennon does not eat up so much available cap space that the Bears are limited in where else they can improve – because there are so many needs.

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