New Glennon Comp, Brady Playing Forever, Why No Kaepernick, and Other Bullets

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New Glennon Comp, Brady Playing Forever, Why No Kaepernick, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The annual coaches photo during the NFL owners meetings is a tradition unlike any other.

Can you spot Bears head coach John Fox?

  • If you squint, you could see why Mike Glennon draws comparisons to Joe Flacco. Both are tall, rangy quarterbacks with big arms and somewhat limited mobility. And that’s just the comp handed down from ESPN’s Mark Dominik to Glennon while speaking on ESPN 1000’s “Waddle and Silvy Show” on Monday. ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson has the interview highlights, in which Dominik says Glennon could out-perform Flacco … but only if the Bears surround him with enough talent. If the Flacco comp seems familiar, it’s one that was given to him in his draft profile. It isn’t as if Glennon doesn’t have potential, but pitting his upside against Flacco’s résumé makes for a high bar to clear – especially since there isn’t much upside or depth in talent around him.
  • As for the other quarterback making waves on the Bears’ roster, GM Ryan Pace is expected to explain the move to sign Mark Sanchez and more on Tuesday, according to Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times.  Speaking at the NFL owners meetings in Arizona would be his second public statements since announcing the signings of Glennon, Quintin Demps, Dion Sims, and Markus Wheaton in free agency. Since then, the Bears have added a handful of free agents which could use some further background.
  • Also with regard to the meetings, CSN Chicago’s John Mullin has some insight on the Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas with a Bears angle. The Decatur Staleys were the first professional football team to move, leaving Decatur for Chicago (where they became the Bears we all know and love) in 1921. Of course, they wouldn’t be the last – nor would their dalliances with moving end. Mullin writes about a deal that had been worked out (and eventually ditched) to move the team in 1990 to Arlington Heights, and eventually other suburbs. Imagine rooting for the Chicago Bears of Gary, Indiana. I’d rather not.
  • Well, maybe if it came with a new stadium? Still no, but the Raiders’ new stadium has me a bit envious:

  • Jimmy Garoppolo is never going to get his chance to shine as a starter in New England, is he? It doesn’t look likely, especially if Tom Brady gets his way. Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that Brady assured him he was willing to play six or seven more years. That would take him to his age 46 or 47 season. Could Garoppolo stand being a backup through age 33? Of course, unless the Patriots are going to franchise him after this season, he won’t have to.
  • Colin Kaepernick continues to be in the headlines for not having a job, especially after some of the quarterback signings that have taken place this offseason.  And at some point, the following needs to be asked: Why weren’t the Bears interested in his services? And if they were, why did they choose Glennon and Sanchez over Kaepernick? Even though his teams were 11-24 when he started over the last three years, Kaepernick had a 41-19 TD-INT ratio, and a darn good 1.8 INT% and a respectable 85.9 QB rating. And his numbers have been superb against the Packers, a team the Bears have eyes on beating in the NFC North. Kaepernick has made four starts (including two in the playoffs) in which he owns a 92.2 rating, has six touchdown passes (and two touchdown rushes) and only three interceptions. Perhaps the Bears – and other teams – were not interested in dealing with the public discourse that would necessarily (fairly or unfairly) attend a Kaepernick signing.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.