Alternate Plans For Trubisky, Top-Notch LBs, Shaheen's Tweets, Cohen's Future Role, and Other Bullets

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Alternate Plans For Trubisky, Top-Notch LBs, Shaheen’s Tweets, Cohen’s Future Role, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Today is Mother’s Day, so I’m hoping the mothers reading this are treated to a wonderful day of relaxation. And if you haven’t done something nice for the mother(s) in your life, there is still time to right that wrong.

Even the Bears took some time to send a message:

With that being said, let’s roll through Sunday’s Bullets:

  • It’s good that the Bears have a plan for developing Mitch Trubisky, but the Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh makes a great point in the event Trubisky outplays his expectations. If Trubisky outplays Glennon, proves to be the best quarterback in camp, and earns the starting job out of camp, then he should be handed the keys to the offense and allowed to put it in drive. Of course, a lot has to go right for this scenario to play out in this way. And some stuff has to go wrong, too, namely, Glennon playing poorly after signing a deal that guarantees him more than $18 million in 2017.
  • And over at the Chicago Sun-Times, Adam Jahns writes up a thorough, top-down look at how the Bears plan to develop their potential franchise quarterback. It’s the biggest challenge in sports and it has been trusted to head coach, an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach who don’t have previous experience in doing so.
  • Dan Wiedrer of the Tribune offers up some things learned during the Bears’ weekend mini-camp. Among them, some insight from tight end Adam Shaheen on some less-than-savory tweets that allowed some to call his character into question. Shaheen chalks up his pseudo controversial tweets to being a “dumb teenager.” I’m not one to tell someone how to use their personal social media pages, but I’ve long been a believer in educating high school and college students on the reach and impact of social media. Most people (no matter the age) don’t understand how far beyond your immediate network a tweet can go and how quickly it can get there. Hopefully, Shaheen has matured over the last five years and his social media usage will no longer be a talking point for things that are posted moving forward.
  • Sticking on the field, Wiederer also unearths some thoughts from defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who has high hopes for Leonard Floyd’s second season. The team’s first-round pick in 2016 finished with seven sacks, but was held back because of injuries as a rookie. Wiederer also catches up with special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers, who is dreaming on Eddie Jackson’s potential as a punt returner. “He’s a little bit inexperienced, but his production is off the charts,” Rodgers told the Tribune. “He’s got good hands. He’s bigger for a punt returner. But he has a little bit of a unique skill set digging through it. … He’s got a history of making plays and hopefully he can contribute in that area.

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