Mitch Trubisky's First Weekend With The Bears: Path to Starting, Scouts Are Buzzing, More

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Mitch Trubisky’s First Weekend With The Bears: Path to Starting, Scouts Are Buzzing, More

Chicago Bears

The first three days of the Mitch Trubisky era weren’t going to make or break his career – heck, the first year probably won’t – but we can at least draw some things from this weekend’s mini-camp.

  • John Mullin of CSN Chicago notes that the Bears are adjusting some of their plans for Trubisky, who actually has multiple routes to becoming the starter in the near or long-term. Mullin writes that Mike Glennon being the starter now isn’t something that will deter the Bears from inserting Trubisky into the starting role if he earns it. If that strikes a chord, it’s because there was a similar sentiment to the Bears’ interest in drafting a quarterback this year despite signing Glennon to a free agent contract that could be worth up to $45 million over three years. However, Trubisky is still a project and has much to prove before this conversation truly heats up.
  • So what do the scouts have to say about Trubisky? Staying at CSN Chicago, Mullin has those answers and a pair of perspectives from league scouts employed by AFC and NFC teams. For example, two AFC scouts shared with Mullin their opinion that Trubisky was graded higher than any quarterback drafted over the last six years – a group that includes fellow first-rounders Carson Wentz, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Cam Newton, and Andrew Luck. Talk about high praise. Meanwhile, a regional scouting team for an NFC team described Trubisky as “an almost perfect quarterback prospect” who the Bears should be thankful they were able to take. In their eyes, Trubisky would have been a sure No. 1 pick if he was a two-year starter at North Carolina.
  • The early returns are overwhelmingly positive, starting with head coach John Fox saying Trubisky had a “great camp.” It’s really hard to screw up a mini-camp if you’re a top-notch first round draft pick, so you’ll have to pardon me if Fox’s praise comes off as hollow. While it would’ve been a bigger concern if Fox said Trubisky didn’t have a great camp, it will be worth watching to see how he progresses through the learning curve. Even still, having a great mini-camp isn’t going to thrust Trubisky past Mike Glennon on the depth chart, because he’ll have to perform exceptionally well to unseat the relatively high-priced free agent addition.
  • Piling on the analysis of a small sample size of performance during a mini-camp loaded with rookies, Trubisky looked the part of a high-end quarterback prospect from the perspective of Larry Mayer. Of course, Mayer offers up a cautionary pause: “Sure, it was only three non-contact practices in May. But Trubisky checked off all the boxes of what you’d expect to see in a face-of-the-franchise high first-round draft pick at the most important position on the field.” Still, it’s evident Trubisky has a high ceiling (obviously, because he was the first quarterback off the board) and he’s probably going to impress more on-lookers early … especially when compared to what Matt Barkley and Brian Hoyer provided in 2016.
  • The Chicago Sun-Times had three sets of eyes on Trubisky over the weekend, with the consensus being “so far, so good” for the player at the most important position in camp. Adam Jahns lauded Trubisky’s arm strength and wasn’t necessarily too concerned with bobbled snaps from a player who spent his college career taking snaps from the shotgun. Patrick Finley believes that Trubisky’s command in the huddle will stand out when veteran players enter the mix at organized team activities. Mark Potash echoes Mayer’s earlier sentiments of Trubisky looking the part as he showed off his arm strength, accuracy, and presence in drills. And yet, there’s a long way to go for Trubisky and the team around him.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.