Mike Glennon Speaks: "His Year," Helping Trubisky, Getting Reps, "His Year," Top Receivers, “His Year,” More

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Mike Glennon Speaks: “His Year,” Helping Trubisky, Getting Reps, “His Year,” Top Receivers, “His Year,” More

Chicago Bears

Mike Glennon, the Chicago Bears’ other new quarterback, met with the media on Tuesday after the second day of Organized Team Activities.

You can check out some of Glennon’s expanded thoughts here:

The player who projects to be the team’s starting quarterback when the season gets underway in September, Glennon, offered up his thoughts on a variety of topics in what was his first public meeting with the press since the Bears surprisingly drafted Mitch Trubisky back in April.

  • And if there was one thing Glennon made clear on Tuesday, it’s that 2017 is his year. When asked about his reaction to the Bears drafting Trubisky, he said he was surprised … but offered a caveat: “It was made clear to me about 10 minutes after from a call from Ryan and the next morning again, the 2017 season is my year. That’s all I can worry about. I’m not worried about the future. I’m not worried about the past. I’m worried about the present and right now this is my team and that’s where my focus is.”
  • And whether he would have signed with the Bears if he would’ve known of the team’s plans to draft Trubisky, Glennon deflected by saying: “There’s absolutely no reason to go hindsight. But even if I were to, I would still have came here. Like I said, this is my year.”
  • This has to be a difficult situation for Glennon, right? “My focus is on right now getting better every day to get ready for the start of the season because this year is my year and I’m not going to worry about the future.”
  • And yet, Glennon says he still feels the love from inside the building: “It’s been clear in the building that this year is my year, and everyone’s on board with that.”
  • It’s understandable if this feels like deja vu for Glennon, who was unseated in Tampa Bay by Jameis Winston, a No. 1 overall selection. However, he doesn’t see it that way. “People might want to compare, but it’s not the same situation. I can only say it so many times: This year has been fully communicated that it’s my year. I’m not going to worry about the future. As long as I play well, it will all work out.”
  • If you feel like there is an underlying theme going on here, you’re probably not alone. In total, Glennon used the phrase “my year” at least five times … but he addressed some other things, too.
  • Glennon has goals for 2017, beyond reminding anyone within listening distance that 2017 is his year. His primary goal was simply stated when he said “My job is to win football games for the Chicago Bears and that’s where my head is at.”
  • That’s a good goal to have for a quarterback who might be inadvertently treating the season as an audition for the other 31 teams in the NFL. But also, it’s a good goal to have for a team that won just three games in 2016 and hasn’t had a winning season since 2012.
  • One of the biggest challenges Glennon faces will be getting acclimated to a new offense. Glennon is no stranger to this hurdle, noting he played in three different offenses in a four year stretch with the Buccaneers. Still, Glennon is trying to master a new offense while splitting snaps with three other quarterbacks in camp. However, Glennon doesn’t seem to be too worried about it. “As far as I’m concerned, it won’t be an issue at all. I get the ‘1’ reps, and that’s all I know.”
  • Even though Glennon insists that 2017 is his year, he says he will help Trubisky as much as he can as the rookie gets acclimated to life in the NFL – while also maintaining alpha dog status in the quarterbacks room. “This is my year, and the meetings are geared around me (Ed. note: See! There’s that phrase again!) … Am I going to help Mitch as much as I can? Definitely. I’m going to be a great teammate.”
  • So how did Glennon go about making it his team? “Just taking command of the offense,” Glennon explained “I’m learning it, but I feel like I’ve taken control of the offense and gotten everyone on board. We’ve done a lot of extra things with guys off the field, whether it’s activities outside of football or extra time spending time in the meeting rooms getting guys on the same page.”
  • Two days into OTAs, Glennon has walked away with wide receiver Cameron Meredith. The Illinois State product who has transformed from an undrafted free agent signing to a player who sits at the top of the Bears’ wide receiver depth chart, owns the NFL’s best double move and was one of the league’s most successful deep-ball catchers. Maybe with that in mind, you could see why Glennon thinks highly of Meredith after a few days of practice. “I think he’s going to have a big year. He’s looked really sharp to me,” Glennon said. “You can tell … it seems like his path is only headed upward. I think we’re really excited about having him around.”
  • It’s unfortunate that Kevin White missed out on Day 2 of OTAs, because he seemed to make a positive impression on Glennon, who had this to say about White: “He works his butt off. And he made some really good plays yesterday that got me excited and the rest of the team.”

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.