Mike Glennon Speaks: Finding His Confidence, Sanchez's Influence, Trubisky's Acceptance, More

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Mike Glennon Speaks: Finding His Confidence, Sanchez’s Influence, Trubisky’s Acceptance, More

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To the victors, go the spoils … and to the starting quarterbacks, go the face-time in front of the media in training camp at Bourbonnais (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it).

You can watch what Mike Glennon had to say to the assembled media on Monday here, or watch the embedded video below:

Here are the highlights alongside some thoughts of my own:

  • We already know it’s his year, but Glennon let it be known he feels confident that it’s his team, too: “I think that’s kind of been the case really from the moment I got here and reached out to the guys. We’re lucky to have a really good group of guys. Everyone’s bought in to what we are doing, and I think everyone has been a really good teammate so far.”
  • With Glennon knowing his teammates have his back, the Bears’ starting quarterback took a supportive stance regarding a struggling Kevin White. Things haven’t gone well so far, but Glennon has decided to go with some positive reinforcement rather than dwell on the negatives: “Kevin’s really doing a good job so far. You see all the talent he has … when he plays fast, he plays really well. I’m really excited to have him. He’s working really hard to be that really good receiver and I think he’s going to be there.”
  • There aren’t many on-field relationships more important than the one between a quarterback and his top receiver, so it makes sense that Glennon is giving White a pat on the back instead of the alternative.
  • If White falters and none of the other new receivers step up, the Bears could always utilize more two tight end sets. Glennon explained the kind of impact that type of formation would have against opposing defenses: “I think it creates matchup problems. It’s going to be hard for them to figure out who they’re going to want to cover. Look at New England when they have all those tight ends. Someone is going to be on a linebacker. In our minds, that’s a favorable matchup.”
  • As for what he believes the offense does well: “Our strength starts up front with that offensive line. That’s our run game and that’s protecting the quarterback. With those two things, we’ll go from there. Definitely our offense starts with the run game and we build from there.”
  • I would like to encourage you to watch the embedded video and listen to Glennon, who is sounding a little more comfortable (but not all the way there) in his role in being The Guy. If you can’t, here are the quotes: “They’ve handled the situation really well. Everything that I could ask for as far as it not being a distraction, they’ve done that. And Mitch has done a great job. He understands what his role is, and he hasn’t been a distraction either. I appreciate everyone that’s been involved in making it strictly about football and putting that other stuff to the side.”
  • Of course, Glennon and Trubisky aren’t the only new quarterbacks in the room. Glennon shared his feelings about backup Mark Sanchez, who he deems a good fit for the room:  “He’s kind of the guy that when things are slouching a little bit at practice he picks you up and makes you get back on track. He has a ton of experience in the NFL, he’s good in the meetings, he’s been a great addition for the quarterback room. … He’s here to support and bounce an idea off. He’s more of a positive influence on the quarterback room.”


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