Opponent On Trubisky: "He Kind of Has That Aaron Rodgers Effect"

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Opponent On Trubisky: “He Kind of Has That Aaron Rodgers Effect”

Chicago Bears

Two starts into Mitch Trubisky’s career and he’s already receiving comps to living legends from All-Pro opponents:

Trubisky has thrown it just 41 times in two games and has completed passes at a lowly 48.8 percent rate. Surely he isn’t deserving of being compared favorably to one of the best, Aaron Rodgers, right?

Well, don’t tell that to Davis, a two-time Pro Bowl linebacker, who doubled down when pressed on why his lofty comparison:

There isn’t much regular season tape on which to base these comments, so it’s evident that Davis (and the rest of the Panthers defense) have been digging deep into the crates to study Trubisky’s body of work.

In college and during the preseason, Trubisky did show a unique ability to move out of the pocket and deliver the ball with accuracy. He has flashed that a time or two in his 140 snaps as starting quarterback for the Bears, but probably not often enough to garner that kind of compliment.

But maybe you can make a case for it … if you squint. Trubisky has arm strength, mobility, and a first-round pedigree. He has shown some promise and clearly has a ton of upside. And either way, it’s not like it’s a bad thing to see other players show a Bears QB some respect – it sure beats reading about Mike Tomlin comparing Mike Glennon to a statue.

Here’s hoping Davis’ words are the first of many glowing comparisons Trubisky receives from opposing defenders.

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Author: Luis Medina

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