John Fox Reportedly "Firmly on the Hot Seat" and Vic Fangio Could Be In "High Demand"

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John Fox Reportedly “Firmly on the Hot Seat” and Vic Fangio Could Be In “High Demand”

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears hired John Fox to bring stability, respectability, and continuity to a position in which he was the third head coach in a four-year span. But three years into his own tenure in Chicago, and Fox might be on his way out.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports lists the six NFL head coaches who need to turn their team’s seasons around to save their jobs, and Fox is among the wreckage.

Even though he’s doing what he can to keep his team competitive (despite being short on talent), Fox may have not done enough to save his job. LaCanfora writes “the rumbling about imminent change in Chicago are strong” despite the team winning games with a rookie quarterback and a defense playing at a high level. A 3-5 finish to the season could move Fox from the hot seat to the firing line as LaCanfora sees the front office moving in a different direction if the Bears stumble to the finish line.

Fox is joined by Hue Jackson (Browns), Chuck Pagano (Colts), Dirk Koetter (Buccaneers), Marvin Lewis (Bengals), and Todd Bowles (Jets). That’s not the company Fox wants to keep, especially Jackson, who LaCanfora used two words to sum up the Browns’ situation – “It’s over.”

Perhaps the Bears’ front office won’t have to go far in search of a top candidate.

In the same report, LaCanfora speculates defensive coordinator Vic Fangio might be the NFL’s most coveted free agent. Fangio is in the final year of his contract and the defense hasn’t looked this good since Lovie Smith was roaming the sidelines. And if it keeps up, Fangio will probably get his share of interviews for head coaching positions, himself. And if he doesn’t, the free-agent-to-be could always join an existing staff.

And in what could be viewed as the biggest tease, LaCanfora offers up the possibility of Fangio reuniting with Jim Harbaugh should the University of Michigan head coach step away from college and return to the pros. Fangio and Harbaugh worked together to build a contender in San Francisco …. Wouldn’t it be something if that duo joined forces in Chicago?

It’s obviously too early to draw up the specifics of that scenario, but I won’t blame you if you’re trying to connect those dots after a 3-5 start.

You can read more from LaCanfora in his report at CBS Sports right here.

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