The Feeling Is Mutual? One Pundit Believes the Bears Have Eyes for Alabama Receiver Calvin Ridley

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The Feeling Is Mutual? One Pundit Believes the Bears Have Eyes for Alabama Receiver Calvin Ridley

Chicago Bears

Calvin Ridley clearly isn’t opposed to the idea of playing for the Bears in 2018 and one pundit believes the feeling is mutual.

When answering questions about where Saquon Barkley will land in the draft and if there was a fit for the Penn State running back in Chicago, Allbright tweeted he was “pretty sure Chicago is keying in on” Ridley with the eighth pick.

Well, then…

The Bears’ rumored interest in Ridley shouldn’t come as a surprise. Chicago has needs at wide receiver and Ridley is currently believed to be the highest-rated player at the position. Ridley has been a person of interest in Bears circles since December, long before the team’s draft position was settled, and the whispers have only grown since he declared for the draft and definitely won’t go away any time soon.

There has been some debate whether or not Ridley is worthy of being picked in the top 10, but it doesn’t seem as though Allbright shares those concerns. Here is how he sees the first eight picks falling into place:

If Ridley can contribute right away as a top receiving option and the Bears return to their winning ways, then the whispers of drafting him eighth will be silenced. And if Chicago adds another top receiving option (or two) in free agency, this team could be a sneaky upstart in the NFC.

Ridley has been one of the most polarizing prospects in this draft, so rumors of his place in the top-10 is expected to come with a mixed response from fans and analysts. His numbers don’t suggest he is a top-10 pick, but Ridley’s skillset and experience in a pro style offense can serve as indicators he didn’t come anywhere near tapping into his potential playing for the Crimson Tide. Perhaps an upgrade to a professional quarterback is something that would benefit both sides.

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Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.