At Least it's Not the Vikings! Drew Brees Reportedly Strikes Two-Year, $50 Million Deal with the Saints

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At Least it’s Not the Vikings! Drew Brees Reportedly Strikes Two-Year, $50 Million Deal with the Saints

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Although we saw it as a long shot, a Monday night report revealing the Vikings interest in free agent quarterback Drew Brees was just a bit unsettling.

After all, the Vikings, who’ll watch three starting-caliber quarterbacks become unrestricted free agents this offseason, reportedly put a call into Brees’ representation to signal their intentions and interest in the 11-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champ. And that had me on the edge – especially with news that one of their exiting free-agents, Case Keenum, is reportedly set to sign with the Broncos.

Fortunately, it seems that call – and my nerves – were unnecessary. Brees is reportedly re-signing with the Saints and getting paaaid in the process:

Before that tweet, Rapoport reported that the two sides had made a lot of progress yesterday and expected a deal to get done today. So, actually, who knows. Maybe that call from the Vikings forced the Saints to up their offer just a bit. It’s a definite possibility.

In any case, as expected, Brees will be sticking in New Orleans for at least two more years with $27 million guaranteed. Not bad for a 39-year-old, eh?

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So with Brees and Keenum both heading elsewhere, the Vikings are still on the prowl for a starting quarterback in what is expected to be a competitive 2018 season. Where might they go with it? Well, if you think back to the end of February, you’ll remember some rumors regarding their potential interest in free agent QB Kirk Cousins:

“The Minnesota Vikings are going to be players for Kirk Cousins. I have been told that by numerous sources,” NFL Network insider Mike Garafolo reported on Monday. “I’m not saying they’re going to land him. I do believe they have a great pitch to make to him. The Minnesota Vikings are going to make a strong push for Kirk Cousins … do not sleep on the Vikings.” estimates the Vikings have $45.3 million in cap space (9th most in the NFL), meaning they should have plenty of cash to make a deal work, if that’s the route they choose. But we’ll have to pull on this thread another time.

For now, just know that with three quarterbacks out the door (Keenum, Bridgewater, Bradford), one of whom (Keenum) is expected to sign elsewhere, the Vikings will have to look outside the organization for gunslinger. And with Drew Brees’ deal in place, one more option just came off the board.

Author: Luis Medina

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