Allen Robinson on ACL Recovery: "I'll Be Fully Cleared For Camp"

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Allen Robinson on ACL Recovery: “I’ll Be Fully Cleared For Camp”

Chicago Bears

With Allen Robinson officially on the Chicago Bears, we’ll turn more of our attention to his progress as he recovers from an ACL injury that ended his 2017 season before it could really get started.

Robinson suffered the injury to his left knee on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ third offensive play of the season in Week 1. Robinson was able to have the surgery quickly, which was a good sign for his recovery timeline as he was able to get it out of the way and get things going in the right direction.

During a press conference in which the Bears introduced the team’s new signings, Robinson said he was “getting back into football movements” but said there was no specific timetable for his return. Still, Robinson expressed optimism that he will be a full-go when training camp begins in July:

Robinson, who has previously said he doesn’t expect the knee to be an issue, maintains he’ll be fully cleared for training camp. Here’s hoping he’s right, because if he is, that means he is one step closer to being the kind of receiver Mitch Trubisky needs to succeed. Before his injury, Robinson was an explosive receiver who was a sharp route-runner with the ability to take the top off a defense to go along with ball skills and body control that allows him to come in with more than an even split of 50/50 balls. What he looks like post-injury remains to be seen.

If you want to be optimistic (I know I want to be!), then I’m happy to let you know that recent history favors Robinson (as well as Cameron Meredith, for that matter) in the quest to return from a season-ending ACL injury. Keenan Allen (Chargers, 2016), Kelvin Benjamin (Panthers, 2015), Jordy Nelson (Packers, 2015), and Jeremy Maclin (Eagles, 2013) are recent examples of wideouts to bounce back after suffering ACL injuries. No two bodies are the same, and past performance from another player recovering from the same injury doesn’t serve as a predictor of things to come.

Even still, it’s good news that Robinson is making progress and that there is some recent history of successful comebacks for receivers returning to form.

Perhaps we’ll get a better idea on how Robinson is doing via social media. Robinson has taken to Twitter to share the progress he has made during rehab and I’m digging it:

By no means does any of this make Robinson’s return to form a lock, but at least there are some encouraging signs. And that is better than the alternative.




Author: Luis Medina

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